pattern testing the Mave Skirt with The Fabric Sales
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Testing the Mave Skirt Pattern with The Fabric Sales

One of my goals for 2021 has been to say yes to a few less collaboration projects – while I love them SO much, I often feel like I’m letting people down if I don’t complete my projects quickly enough, and then I feel stressed out about something that is normally my favorite mechanism for relaxation! That being said, I’m simply trying to be more mindful about the projects I do take on overall… Will it fill a gap in my wardrobe? Can I use it to make something I already wanted / planned to make? Is it different from what I already have on hand? Is the company one I’m excited to support? And lastly… Is it so extra special that I just can’t pass it up? This project, though, was a combination of 2 things that I was VERY excited to add to my list of collaborations this year!

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sewing the TATB Indigo Dress from a Minerva Kit
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Sewing the Indigo Dress from a Minerva Kit!

Did you know that Minerva now offers KITS?! This was my first opportunity to work with one of them, and it was such a great experience. Minerva starts by pairing patterns with ideal fabrics. Then, they send a nice little package straight to your door, complete with everything you need to make the garment you’ve chosen. In this case, my kit arrived with a lovely paper copy of the Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Dress pattern, the exact amount of fabric needed to sew the dress, interfacing, needles, and matching thread. A beautiful fabric and pattern pairing, made as simple and convenient as possible!

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sewing a Fibre Mood Mindy Dress with RCF Rayon
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Breezy Striped Rayon Dress with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Summer is coming, and my baby bump is growing – I’ve been on the search for things that are lightweight, accommodate my growing bump, and are still somewhat flattering and within my normal style aesthetic. This has not been an easy combination of things to achieve! As I began looking through the current selection of Raspberry Creek Fabrics, this fun stripe caught my eye. The colors are beautiful, and rayon seemed like a perfect option for a hot baby bump summer.

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sewing the Phoenix Blouse

May Monthly Make My Stash – Phoenix Blouse

May was a low month for my sewjo! My husband and I painted and moved some rooms around in our house, leaving my sewing space disassembled and inaccessible.The little time I did spend sewing was mostly dedicated to re-building and re-decorating my fresh, new sewing room and sewing facial masks for my husband to wear when he ran our family errands. However, I did get one garment sewn using my chosen fabric for May #MonthlyMakeMyStash2020!! And honestly, if I only got to sew one thing, I’m definitely happy that it was this.

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