sewing the BHL Anna skirt

Anna Maxi Skirt – Pinspiration Realized (Volume 2)

This skirt is a long time coming, guys. When I finally made my mind up to recreate a skirt that I’d long loved on my Pinterest boards, the Anna Dress came to mind immediately. I scoured Instagram and blogs looking to see if anyone had made a skirt version, and I surprisingly could not find one anywhere! Why aren’t more of us using this absolutely gorgeous pattern to make incredible maxi skirts??? See how I brought pinspiration to life with the Anna pattern here!

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Green Lemon BHL Flora

To be quite honest, I’ve never been a huge St. Patty’s Day reveler. The extent of my childhood memories of this holiday include being at the zoo one year, hoping to goodness I wouldn’t get pinched by a stranger for not wearing enough green. In recent years, I’ve joined the crowds to enjoy the local St. Patrick’s Day Parade and giggled at the availability of anything and everything dyed a lovely shade of green!  However, opportunities to expand my wardrobe are always welcome, and for this reason I love St. Patrick’s Day lately – an excuse to add a little green into my wardrobe! Check out this pretty green BHL Flora dress!

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2017 Make Nine Recap

Well, I told you guys that the Ice Cream Dress would be my last blog post of the year… But I lied a little bit. I decided to do one last post to re-cap my #2017MakeNine projects, and to go a little more in depth about what I’ve got planned for 2018!

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BHL Kim Maxi Dress

Let’s talk about favorite things… When it comes to sewing, some of my favorite things include By Hand London patterns, maxi lengths, and beautiful fabrics.

Cue the best dress of all time (or at least the best dress I made in 2017) – my eucalyptus print, By Hand London Kim, sweetheart neck-lined, maxi hack. I wish I was the type of person who gave all my dresses a cutesy name, but I’m not, so that long, drawn out descriptor will just have to do.

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