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#MeMadeFall2017 – Midi Skirt Round 2

I first fell in love with midi skirts last year, and I am so glad the trend has stuck around. In my opinion, midi skirts can stick around forever and I’ll be happy with it! So in honor of the first theme of #MeMadeFall2017 being autumn appropriate midi skirts, I thought it the perfect opportunity to highlight this awesome plaid midi skirt I made for autumn 2016!

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#MeMadeFall2017 – Theme #1 – Midi Skirts

As a nice warm welcome to the autumn season, I’ve teamed up with a few talented fellow sewists to head up #MeMadeFall2017. Our goal is to feature one particular handmade garment over each autumn month, to help ease our wardrobes (and hopefully, yours!) into the chillier weather. We’ve chosen 3 great themes that are broad enough to suit anyone’s style, yet cohesive enough to collaborate with each other in our creations. Want to see how I’ve kicked off #MeMadeFall2017? Check it out here…

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Hello, and welcome to the Pins and Pinot blog!!  I imagine most of you found your way here via my Instagram – I so appreciate your support and interest there, and now here as I try out a new endeavor! I am so excited to have a platform to express the part of my heart that loves to write and tell stories in combination with my love of sewing.

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